Faculty and Staff

Meet our Staff!


pre-k teachers and paraprofessionals

Mrs. Erlinda Alatorre
Mrs. LeighAnne Brackett
Ms. Amber Deal
Mrs. Barbara Mendez
Ms. Amparo Cruz
Ms. Kelcie Murray
Mrs. Diana Rodriguez


kindergarten teachers and paraprofessionals

Ms. Kat Wilhoite & Mrs. Marisela Fernandez

Ms. Stephanie Moss & Mrs. Cynthia Martinez

Dr. Tammy Gomez & Mrs. Jerrica Warren

Mrs. Nancy Goble-Johnson & Mrs. Danielle Voiles

Ms. Lindsey Parris & Ms. Carrie Rich (Mrs. Crystal McCurdy not pictured)

Mrs. Lezah Stevenson & Miss Mary Johnson

1st Grade

1st grade teachers

Ms. Langley Hopkins

Mrs. Connie Bashor

Mrs. Rachel Gonzalez

Mrs. Courtney Taylor

Ms. Liana Barrera

2nd Grade

2nd grade teachers

Mrs. Gonzalez (DSC Student Teacher)

Mrs. Angel Bell

Miss Tyler Todd

Mr. Jason Armstrong

Miss Madison Ellis

Ms. Karen Nadeau

3rd Grade

2nd grade teachers

Back Row:

Ms. Rosa Martinez, Mrs. Ashely Tate, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Ms. Hernandez (DSC Student Teacher)

Front Row:

Ms. Moreno, Mrs. Maldonado, Mrs. Morrisette (DSC Student Teacher), Mrs. Williams (DSC Student Teacher)

4th Grade

4th grade teachers

Miss Taylor Cosby

Mrs. Meghan Glaze

Mrs. Angie Edwards

Ms. Allie Tinker

Mr. Cable (DSC Student Teacher)

5th Grade

5th grade teachers

Mrs. Becky Keck

Ms. Carrie Kitchens

Ms. Sarah O'Neill

Mrs. Ashely Harmon

Mrs. Marlene Webster


ESS is our Special Education Department

ESS - Special Education teachers

Back Row:

Mrs. Mari Guijon, Mrs. Fabiola Miranda, Mrs. Bekah Cook, Ms. Janet Ellis, Mrs. Beth Brock, Ms. Hayley Pollard

Front Row:

Mrs. Tara Marie, Mrs. Mikaylah Smith, Mrs. Sarah McKellar, Mrs. Michelle Garrett

Not Pictured: Mrs. Jerrica Warren & Ms. Emily Moore

Focus Classroom:

Mrs. Marie, Mrs. Guijon, Mrs. Smith

IDS Classroom:

Mrs. Beth Brock, Ms. Hayley Pollard, Mrs. Michelle Garrett

ESS General Education:

Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Cook, Ms. Ellis, Mrs. McKellar, Ms. Moore, Mrs. Warren


ESOL is our English to Speakers of Other Languages Department

EIP is our Early Intervention Program

ESOL and EIP teachers

Miss Vanessa Pacheco, Mrs. Edith Nava, Mrs. Kacie Silvers, Ms. Bekah List, Ms. Melissa Young, Mrs. Kelly Cochran, Mrs. Kerry Adams

Not Pictured: Mrs. Sherry Brannen, Mrs. Amanda Weeks

Student Services

Student Services Staff

School Counselor - Mrs. Janie Coleman

School Social Worker - Ms. Brenda Fischer

Office Staff

Office staff

Assistant Principal - Dr. BethAnn Browning

Principal - Dr. Alan Martineaux

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Yessi Hernandex

Data Clerk - Mrs. Berenice Hijar


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Bianca Moreno

Titles: Teacher

David Moss

Titles: Parapro

Stephanie Moss

Titles: Teacher

Kelcie Murray

Titles: Teacher

Carlene Mutter

Titles: Spcl Prg

Karen Nadeau

Titles: Teacher

Edith Nava

Titles: Teacher

Daisy Nunez


Rosie Ochoa


Sarah Oneill

Titles: Teacher

Vanessa Pacheco

Titles: Teacher

Jennifer Paramo

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