Our Promise Practices

Our Promise Practices- to our students, our families, and each other

…because every child deserves our best at all times.

The faculty and staff of Blue Ridge School promise to use best practices that are pervasive in every classroom. Our vision is that all students receive a world-class learning experience that prepares them for success in college, career and life. Our goal is that each student be provided quality work that engages them in profound learning where curiosity, creativity and perseverance are paramount. You can expect the following promises to be upheld, with delight, by all at Blue Ridge School:


Your child’s learning environment will always be:

  • Safe
  • Well-Maintained
  • Organized and Well-Managed
  • Welcoming and Student-Centered
  • Evident of Learning with Anchor Charts, Plenty of Resources and Current Work Displays
  • Expanded to Places Beyond their Classroom Walls

    Our communication with your family will always be:
  • In a language easily understood, free of jargon and buzz words
  • Respectful
  • Helpful
  • Two-way
  • Consistent communication and work sharing using notes, phone calls, emails, and Seesaw
  • Responsive

    Your child will be challenged with high quality work which:
  • Is rooted in the Georgia Standards of Excellence
  • Allows your child to excel in performance
  • Supports your child’s language needs and explicitly teaches academic vocabulary
  • Provides a clear learning target and well-defined success criteria with a mastery goal, no matter how many attempts your child needs
  • Allows your child to articulate not only what they are doing, but what they are learning, and an understanding of why

    Your child’s teacher(s) know how well all students in their class(es) are progressing, and where to go next by:
  • Utilizing standards-based common assessments for learning
  • Routinely examining your child’s work, establishing trends and re-designing for next steps
  • Using a multi-tiered approach to identifying each child’s performance as it relates to expectations of the state and student goals (above, on and below)
  • Using technology properly without an over-reliance on it

    Each lesson offered to your child will include:
  • Quality time on each task, which enhances thinking stamina
  • A productive struggle, which nurtures grit
  • Example work so that expectations are clear
  • A clear learning target
  • Success criteria
  • Writing
  • An opportunity for summary of the lesson, review of progress and/or sharing of the child’s work