taylor cosby

Fourth Grade Teacher

"I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to meet students of all grade levels and create relationships with them."

Portrait of Paulina

Fifth Grade Student

"I take Zumba, Graphic Design Club, and also Yoga. We design Kid City shirts and logos. Right now we are designing a poster for Kid City."

Portrait of Ms. Moss

First Grade Teacher

"I think my favorite thing is our community rug when we are all sitting there, and we are all making connections. I am amazed at what children can really understand. I love when they catch the subtle humor in something, and their face when they finally get something."

Mrs. Wright teaching her students at the community rug.

Kindergarten Teacher

"My favorite thing is to have grown-up discussions with my kids, building language with them, talking about how they are feeling."

Portrait of armando


"I like how much we celebrate."