Blue Ridge Garden


The Blue Ridge Garden is a collaborative effort between STEM and MEDIA specials classes, along with a team of teachers who are dedicated to creating a vibrant space for students to learn. 

All students at Blue Ridge have played an active role in making the garden what it is today. From weeding to planting and sowing, students and teachers have come together to create a beautiful space of hands-on learning. You can read more about our school garden here. 

Students drawing images inspired by the Blue Ridge Garden
Students learning in the outdoor classroom at Blue Ridge


One great element in our school garden is the Outdoor Classroom. Rock Bridge Community Church and the DPS Maintenance department  graciously donated their time and efforts to helping us set up this outdoor learning space. It is equipped with wood stools, a whiteboard, and blinds to block out the afternoon sun. 

Our students and teachers love to utilize this space. You can read more about our Outdoor Classroom here.